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Off-the-shell commercial company

Start doing business in 24 hours

MiEmpresaen24H enables you to buy a commercial company, already registered by us and guaranteed not to have had any previous activity, all within 24 hours.

The advantages

A comprehensive service that gets you started


We handle all the formalities

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Ready to start doing business in 24 hours


Your shareholders remain confidential

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Notary’s fees and registration included

Have your company ready in 24 hours

Commercial company with capital of €3,000 (Sociedad Limitada)

In 3 stages

A call to assess your needs

We contact you to validate your needs.
We send you a proposal along with details of the items of information required.

An appointment with a notary

We adapt the company’s articles of association and arrange the signature with the notary.
We prepare the sale transaction

We inform you of the time of your appointment to sign with the notary.

We send you a copy of the articles of association along with the company’s CIF number.

Your company is up and running

As soon as you’ve signed, you can start doing business.

The notary initiates registration formalities with the Company Register.
We contact you within 15 days to deliver all the originals once they have been registered with the Company Register.

What’s included


Registered capital

Capital adjusted to your needs (above €3,000)

Bank account

Bank account opened so as to be operational straightaway and without the capital needing to be paid-up.

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Constituez votre société sur mesure en 30 jours !

You’d rather go through the whole creation process?

Create your bespoke company in 30 days!

Frequently asked questions

Someone who wants to start their business activity immediately, without wasting time and energy on administrative formalities. 

To do this, the entrepreneur will need their identity documents as well as all the details of the company (company name, corporate purpose, registered office, capital, shareholders, capital ownership and director(s)).

Buying a Sociedad Limitada off the shelf offers 3 advantages. 

The first is to safeguard the anonymity of the shareholders; in practice, only the shareholder that set up the company remains recorded in the Company Register and hence visible to the public. 

The second is to save time and energy by avoiding the bureaucracy and delays associated with all administrative formalities and to devote yourself in full to your project.  

Lastly, the third advantage - if you buy a company with the option of a bank account - is that you do not have to advance all the capital and you can sell and receive monies immediately.  

It is extremely simple to buy a Sociedad Limitada off the shelf. Once you have signed for the purchase of the company with a notary you can then start doing business.   

The company is ready to invoice as soon as you have signed with the notary. 

Once we have all the details you wish to change regarding the company (corporate purpose, registered office, identity of the shareholders and director(s), and potentially the capital) and your ID documents (ID card or passport and NIE if you are not Spanish), the time taken just depends on the notary's availability for the signing of the purchase of the shelf company.

In general, we can obtain an appointment within 48 hours of receiving all the information. Once you have signed the deed of purchase with the notary, you can start doing business immediately.  

The shareholders and directors must be physically present to set up a new company or purchase a shelf company.

Of course. If you want to change the name of the company, we advise you to do it at a later stage once you have bought the company, so as not to delay the start-up of your company. We can handle these formalities for you.

It is also possible to commercialise your services to your customers under a trading name that differs from your official registered company name.  

Our quote shows the overall cost of the transaction, including our fees, those of the notary and the costs related to all the registration formalities associated with the Company Register. 

Create my company today

MiEmpresaen24h lets you focus on your project and handles the formalities of company creation.