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Bespoke commercial company

Creating your company is just a formality.

MiEmpresaen24h lets you focus on your project and handles the formalities of company creation.

Société commerciale sur mesure

The advantages

A comprehensive service that gets you started


We handle all the formalities


Your company is 100%-customised

In your language

We speak French, English and Spanish

Iconly/Light/Shield Done

Notary and registration fees included

Set up your bespoke company

Creation of a Sociedad Limitada commercial company with €3,000 in capital

In 3 stages

A call to assess your needs

We contact you to validate your needs.
We send you a proposal along with the items of information required.

An appointment with a notary

We work with the notary to prepare the company’s articles of association.
We inform you of the time of your appointment to sign with the notary.

We send you a copy of the articles of association along with the company’s provisional CIF number.

Your company is created

The notary initiates registration formalities with the Company Register.
On average, we contact you within 30 days to deliver all the originals of the company documents once they have been registered with the Company Register.

What’s included



One of our partners can accommodate your registered office.

Bank account

Bank account opened so as to avoid the need for the capital to be paid-up immediately.

Create your bespoke company






Faites l’acquisition d’une société déjà constituée !

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Frequently asked questions

A Sociedad Limitada is a commercial limited liability company owned by one or more shareholders. The company must have minimum capital of €3,000, which can be contributed in the form of cash or assets. Each shareholder's liability is limited to the amount of their capital contribution.

You can set up a company with a single partner, in which case the company is a Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (SLU). 

You can choose the person you wish to appoint as director, provided they are of majority age and not barred from managing a company or from holding a bank account.  A director does not have to be a shareholder of the Sociedad Limitada.

The shareholders and directors must be physically present to set up a new company or purchase a shelf company.

All the originals of the official Company documents are available between 30 and 45 days after signing, once they have been recorded in the Registro Mercantil (company register). 

However, to enable you to proceed with other formalities, you can access electronic copies of the signed documents the day after signing with the notary. 

A CIF is a Spanish trade and company register number. It is mandatory and is needed to identify yourself with the Spanish tax authority.

Our quote shows the overall cost of the transaction, including our fees, those of the notary and the costs related to all the registration formalities associated with the Company Register. 

Create my company today

MiEmpresaen24h lets you focus on your project and handles the formalities of company creation.