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Creating your own company has never been easier.

“Free yourself from the administrative formalities and focus on your business project!”


A comprehensive service that gets you started, all costs included.

MiEmpresaen24h lets you focus on your project and handles the formalities of company creation.

Buy an off-the-shelf company


Create a bespoke company



Have your company ready in just 24 hours.

MiEmpresaen24H enables you to buy a commercial company, already registered by us and guaranteed not to have had any previous activity, all within 24 hours.


Free yourself from the administrative formalities.

MiEmpresaen24H fine tunes your precise needs with you and handles everything.


Save your time and energy for what really counts.

MiEmpresaen24H handles everything. Just one appointment with a notary and you’re ready to do business.

In 3 stages

No administrative hassles


A call to assess your needs

We contact you to fine tune and validate your needs.


An appointment to sign with a notary

We adapt the company’s articles of association and arrange the signature with the notary.


Your company is up and running

As soon as you’ve signed, you can start doing business.

Christine Ho-Hio-Hen, fondatrice de MiEmpresaen24h

“Creating your company is just a formality with MiEmpresaen24H”

My name’s Christine and I’m an entrepreneur originating from Martinique and living in Barcelona for several years. This year I’m launching a new service for entrepreneurs. Well aware of the marathon entailed in launching a new company –  administrative formalities, recruitment and the hunt for financial partners to cite just a few stages – I decided to simplify the company-creation stage.  

MiEmpresaen24h sets up limited liability commercial companies – empty off-the-shelf companies – ready to host your business project. With just a phone call and an appointment with a notary, you can buy your company and start to develop your business without waiting and especially without wasting time and energy on the administrative side of setting up a company.

Christine Ho-Hio-Hen

Founder of MiEmpresaen24H

Frequently asked questions

Since European borders were opened in 1993, all European nationals have been able to create a company in a member state of their choice without being resident in that country, providing they respect national company law and in accordance with the 11th Directive of the Council of Europe (89/666/EEC).

In general, once you have all the company's details (company name, corporate purpose, headquarters, capital, shareholders and capital ownership, director), it usually takes between 30 and 45 days to create a company.

Any physical or legal person may be a shareholder or director of a Spanish company, providing they are of majority age and not barred from managing a company or from holding a bank account. 

Each shareholder or director must provide an ID document and an NIE if they are foreign.

Yes, of course. The foreign company must simply obtain a tax number in Spain (Spanish CIF) prior to the purchase of the Spanish company.

Yes, an NIE is mandatory if you are foreign. The procedure involves arranging an appointment online with the local authorities. We can help you with this procedure.

There is no prohibition on creating a company in Spain for people who are barred from managing a company or from holding a bank account in a country other than Spain.

Create my company today

MiEmpresaen24h lets you focus on your project and handles the formalities of company creation.